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Root Canal Therapy

Woman and dentist look at x-rays on computerIf you have an untreated cavity in your tooth, the bacteria can eventually reach the nerve and cause an infection. If this infection reaches the end of the root, it can develop into an abscess, which is essentially a small pocket filled with pus. You may or may not experience pain during this process, but you definitely don’t want it to happen! Problems such as swelling, bone loss at the root tip, and tooth loss can also arise as a result of this kind of tooth infection. To treat it, we can use a procedure called root canal therapy.

Why You Might Need Root Canal Therapy

You might need root canal therapy if you experience:

  • Severe and sudden pain in a tooth that mostly begins when you start chewing
  • Long-lasting sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Discoloration of a tooth
  • Tenderness and swelling in the gums
  • Pain in the jaw or ear

How Root Canal Therapy Works

The objective of root canal therapy is to remove the infection and shield the decontaminated tooth from any microbial attack in the future.

During root canal therapy, the hollow canals in your tooth’s root will be cleaned, shaped, and sanitized of all infection. It will also be filled with a static material such as gutta-percha to help provide internal support.

Root canal therapy can often be comfortably completed in just one or two sittings, and this mostly depends upon the condition of the infected tooth.

What Happens After Root Canal Therapy

After a tooth has been treated, it will require a permanent covering (a crown) so that it can function and look normally once again.

Overall, root canal therapy is an effective and stress-free experience that has several advantages. Your difficulty in chewing food will be eliminated, allowing you to apply normal force when biting. Any sensitivity to hot or cold food/beverages will also be alleviated. Your tooth will get back its natural appearance and the other teeth will even be shielded from additional wear.

Advanced Root Canal Therapy at Exceptional Dentistry

As you can see, root canal therapy is really nothing to fear, and it often is the perfect solution for a person who is in extreme dental pain. If you have a severe toothache or are experiencing any of the symptoms we listed above, be sure to contact our office today for an appointment.