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Root Canal Therapy

If there is an untreated cavity in your tooth, bacteria can reach nerve of your tooth and cause an infection. If the infection reaches the end of the root, it is develop into an abscess. It is essentially a small pocket filled with puss, which develops at the root of your tooth. You may or may not experience pain in the process. Problems such as swelling, bone loss at the root tip, and tooth loss can also arise as a result of a tooth infection.

When do you need root canal treatment?

It is possible that an abscess or infection can develop in the absence of noticeable symptoms; but there are some indications, that can suggest you may require a root canal. These include the following:

· Severe, sudden pain in the tooth, which mostly begins when you start chewing

  • Long-lasting sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Discoloration of tooth
  • Tenderness and swelling in gum
  • Pain in the jaw or ear

Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic therapy or root canal therapy is treatment to heal the infected tooth pulp. The objective of a root canal therapy is the removal of infection and shielding of the decontaminated tooth from any microbial attack in the future.

Root canals along with their related pulp cavity create physical hollows inside a tooth. They are naturally filled up by bloody vessels, nerve tissue and other cellular components, which together make up the dental pulp.

In endodontic therapy, the hollow canals are cleaned, shaped, and sanitized of all infection. It also includes the filling of clean canals with a static filling like gutta-percha.

Advantages of therapy

After the tooth has been treated, it requires a permanent covering of the tooth (a crown) so that it can begin to function like an ordinary tooth. The advanced root canal therapy is similar to any restorative procedure and can be comfortably executed in one or two sittings. It depends upon the condition of the patient’s tooth. Overall, it is a comfortable and stress-free experience and has several advantages. Your difficulty in chewing food is eliminated, allowing you to apply normal force whole biting. Any sensitivity to heat or cold food/beverages is also alleviated. Your tooth gets back its natural appearance and the other teeth are also shielded from additional wear.

Advanced root canal therapy at Exceptional Dentistry

Dr. Pat Carroll and Dr. Deborah Shoemaker are experienced and highly knowledgeable dentists based in Louisville, Kentucky. We aim to make the root canal treatment as comfortable and smooth for you as possible with our advanced techniques and equipment. You can contact us to ask any questions regarding this treatment, or to book an appointment with Exceptional Dentistry in Louisville, Kentucky.

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