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About Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is identified with advanced dentistry. It is not just an effective treatment, but also less invasive. The therapy involves the killing of dental bacteria via oxidation. Although the technique is new in the United States, the South Americans and Europeans have uses it for decades. Dr. Pat Carroll of Exceptional Dentistry in Louisville, Kentucky is among the few dentists in the area offering the service.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a safe procedure as it adopts a conservative approach towards dentistry. What’s more, ozone therapy is found to be very effective when combined with traditional methods. Ozone therapy is adopted in a number of dental treatments which range from prevention to dental restorations. Ozone is simply the oxygen which we breathe, however there is a difference: it has a single additional oxygen molecule, which is used in a liquid or gaseous form.

Ozone is an ideal and safe way to kill viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi present in the mouth through oxidation. These micro-organisms can be killed by Ozone Therapy as their cell membranes are devoid of antioxidant membranes. When they are exposed to ozone, the cells rupture swiftly and they die.

The upside of the treatment is that the healthy cells present in your body remain unaffected. It is because the human body has sufficient anti-oxidant enzymes, which keep cells protected as they make contact with ozone. So, ozone therapy has become an effective method used in dentistry.

Use of Ozone Therapy

As far as prevention is concerned, the therapy is an extremely effective technique of destroying bacteria, responsible for periodontal diseases, also termed as gum diseases. When ozone is used as a preventative measure, it increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the gums, and even to hypoxic tissue. As ozone easily reaches all parts of the mouth, it can also effectively kill the bacteria hiding in your mouth- particularly in the inaccessible areas.

When it comes to periodontal disease, ozone is best used in the form of gas, which permeates the gum tissue as well as kills bacteria. The chances of developing tooth decay or periodontal disease becomes substantially less due to almost zero possibility of presence of bacteria. Healthier mouths lead to healthier bodies, and reduce the possibility of developing health issues.

Ozone therapy assists in the re-calcification of teeth, making them stringer and harder than they were before. In case of cavity, ozone is used to kill bacteria responsible for causing decay. Ozone destroys bacteria on contact and can even reach areas under the gum line. In a few specific instances, Ozone Therapy can even be a substitute for tooth-filling. However, in most cases, a permanent composite filling would be required even after Ozone Therapy. As ozone helps to recalcify teeth, it effectively helps eliminate sensitivity of the tooth after a filling is placed.

Specialized Treatment

Ozone therapy is not offered by most dentists and can be enjoyed in only select ones. In fact, some of them nay not even be aware of it. It is not among the conventional, standard treatments. A doctor with a consistent track record in this field is Dr. Pat Carroll from Exceptional Dentistry. He practices in Louisville, Kentucky.

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