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Crowns & Fillings

Dental Crowns

Louisville, KY Crown and Fillings

When a tooth is not structurally stable because of extensive fillings, tooth decay, or other damage, a crown, also called a cap, can restore stability and function. Tooth-colored crowns will allow you to retain the beauty of an all-white smile.

Dr. Carroll will prepare your tooth for your new crown, take an impression, and place a temporary during your first visit. After your new, custom-made crown is ready, you'll visit us for a second appointment. Dr. Carroll will then remove the temporary and permanently place your final restoration. If you need a restoration that's stronger than a filling, but not necessarily as big as a crown, Dr. Carroll may recommend a lab-made inlay or onlay. These restorations are made of fine dental porcelain or metal, and they restore a tooth's strength and function.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Metal fillings contain mercury, look unnatural, and can cause teeth to breakdown and discolor. We can replace old metal fillings with tooth-colored resin inlays or onlays to achieve a more permanent and esthetically pleasing appearance. Tooth-colored fillings can be placed in new areas of decay, too. For an all-white, natural-looking smile, tooth-colored fillings are the best option.

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