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Crown & Bridge

Louisville, KY Crown and BridgeWhen a tooth falls out, remaining teeth can shift and become more susceptible to decay and disease. A fixed bridge is a popular solution that can restore a smile’s function and appearance. Dr. Carroll creates porcelain dental bridges that look natural and allow you to speak and eat comfortably.

Is there a difference between “crown and bridge” and “fixed bridge?”

These terms are used interchangeably. They both mean a replacement tooth that’s affixed using dental crowns. The crowns are attached to the healthy teeth that surround the gap, and the new tooth sits in the middle. A bridge is non-removable, i.e. “fixed,” so it will require no extra maintenance beyond good oral hygiene.

At our Louisville dental office, we also secure bridges using dental implants, so healthy teeth are not reduced for dental crowns. Ask Dr. Carroll about custom options to replace missing teeth at your next appointment.

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